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Matteo Giuntini

Livorno, 1977
My work springs both from an ironic introspective analysis and from an observation of the surrounding reality, which focalizes particularly on mankind.

Everything starts simply from a heard word, song or circumstance. I chew it, I swallow it, I assimilate it and then I spit it out in the shape of a complex, well-structured story, made of faded colors and worn out frames, populated by characters (heroes) that are free from rhetoric and heroic hints, often defeated by life or by their very greatness. That’s why in my imagination I use to call them fameless super heroes.


Solo Shows

2013 / Ray Ray, Defreo Gallery, Gotheborg

2011 / Fischi e Botta (topi matti), Galleria L'Affiche, Milan

2011 /Life goes on, De Freo Gallery , Goteborg

2009 /Riding Number , De Freo Gallery, Goteborg

2007 / Delightful Story, Defreo Gallery, Malmo

2007 / Waiting The Summer, Defreo Gallery, Pietrasanta

2006 / Wings for sale, Kens art Gallery, Florence

2005 / Goodluck, Pfeiffer Design Gallery, Basilea

2005 / 13 Sfoghi, Kens art Gallery, Florence

2004 / Tutto mi viene suggerito dal mare, Galleria Arte e arte, Pietrasanta


2014 / Real & Imagined - Ben Oakley Gallery, London

2013 / Censured, Visiva - Città dell'immagine, Rome

2013 / Affordable Art Fair Milano, Galleria L' Affiche, Milan

2013 / Setup Art Fair, Bologna, Galleria L'Affiche, Milan

2012 / Affordable Art Fair, Roma, Galleria L' Image, Rome

2012 / Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam, Galleria L' Affiche, Milan

2011 / Arte Padova Fair, Padova, Galleria L' Affiche, Milan

2011 / Affordable Art Fair, Milan, Galleria L' Affiche, Milan

2010 / Art Verona, Verona, Galleria L' Affiche, Milan

2010 / Controvento, Castello Pasquini, Castiglioncello, Galleria L'Affiche Milan

2010 / Giuntini-Maranghi-Broussard, De Freo Art Gallery, Simrishamn

2008 / Italy-Indonesia 1-1 (Giuntini-Suamba), Kryptos art Gallery, Milan


Abitare magazine

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2014 / Calendario di Poste Italiane, Rome

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